Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model D15 & D17 Pumps

Flow rates from 1 to 15 GPM at pressures from 50 to 2500 PSI
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D17 Hydra-Cell PumpD15 HYDRA CELL PUMPWanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model D15 and D17 pumps were originally designed for delivering high pressure coolant in CNC machining centers in support of higher quality surface finishes and longer tool wear life.  Reclaimed water based cutting fluids accelerated wear of multistage centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals used in rotary piston pumps.  Model D15 and D17 Hydra Cell Pro pumps have a sealless design to provide flow rates up to 15 GPM and pressures as high as 2,500 PSI.


Model D15 and D17 Hydra Cell Pro pumps are the same pump except the D17 is designed to be oriented vertically.  These are pumps designed for operating at pressures >1,000 PSI, which is a higher pressure than our other pumps for this flow range can provide.


The model D15 and D17 Hydra Cell Pro pumps has a five chamber "pentaplex" design to provide extremely smooth flow rates.  The sealless design enables them to operate dry and pump reclaimed fluids without concern for accelerated wear or damage.


Pictured below is a pump skid provided to a power generation plant for an "inlet fogging" application; this is when ultra pure water is atomized into a fog at high pressure at the inlet of a steam turbine which increases its efficiency.  To be successful in such an application requires extreme reliability and ultra smooth pumping action in support of consistent tiny droplet sizes because large droplets will damage these incredibly expensive turbines.

D15 hydra cell pump inlet fogging system

Other examples of applications requiring smooth, high pressure flow rates include metering, deep hole drilling, cleaning, deburring and spray nozzle testing.


Model D15 and D17 Hydra Cell Pro pump repair kits

Since the only components in contact with the pumped fluid are the internal check valves and elastomers, we offer three versions of repair kits: valve kit, diaphragm kit and the "combo" or "complete" kit.  While its only the check valves which actually have a wear life, some customers prefer to replace the diaphragms at the same time "since they have the pump apart" although this is not necessary.

D15 hydra cell pump check valves

Unlike leaky mechanical seals, check valve leakage only affects the pump's performance, so there's no fugitive emissions or sudden failure as might be experienced with conventionally sealed pumps.  Over time, typically after about 12 months of continuous use (8760 hours), the check valves become less efficient because they no longer seat as well as they once did.  This is observed by rougher flow (or pressure, whichever you are monitoring).  Replacing the check valve assemblies is very simple, requires no special tools or training and can be accomplished wherever the pump is installed; so no need to bring to the shop or send it out for repair.  Once the first half of the pump head is removed you can inspect and replace the check valves.


To compare the cost savings to your current pump maintenance, input a part number from the D15/D17 catalog pages into our Hydra Cell repair kit numbering and pricing tool.  A common D15 Hydra Cell pump part number is D15EABGHFECA and when entered into this tool, the valve kit part number generated is D15V52GHFEC costing $470.

D15EABGHFECA repair kit pricing

Check valves made of tungsten carbide are available for abrasive fluid applications such as spray drying; abrasive fluids may reduce the check valve wear life to 6-9 months (4,380 to 6,570 hours of operation).


We can supply bare shaft pumps to complete pump and motor assemblies mounted to a baseplate.


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