Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model D35 Pumps

Flow rates from 4 to 36.5 GPM at pressures from 50 to 1200 PSI
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Virgina Class Nuclear Attack Submarine

D35 Hydra-Cell PumpReliability.  If you must use one word to describe Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model D35 Hydra Cell pumps, then that's the word.  The model D35 Hydra Cell Pro pump, capable of precision flow rates from 4 to 36.5 GPM at discharge pressures from 50 to 1500 PSI is used by the US Navy's Virginia Class Series of Nuclear Attack Submarines for 1st and 2nd pass reverse osmosis and payload tube drain pumps.

While that might be one of the coolest model D35 Hydra Cell Pro pump applications, their unique sealless, pentaplex design results in  significantly quieter and smoother pumping performance compared to piston, plunger and progressing cavity style pumps.  Their sealless, compact design ensures reliability and minimal maintenance costs.


Common D35 Hydra Cell Pro pump applications include pumping lime and carbon slurry for flue gas desulphurization (wet FGD) at incineration plants, centralized high pressure water system pumps in the food and beverage industries and aerosol can filling applications; it is the sealless design which makes it so versatile and there is no other pump like the model D35 Hydra Cell Pro pump.


D35 Hydra-Cell pump with Hastelloy pump headAs with all Hydra-Cell Pro pumps, the D35 can tolerate a closed inlet while running, pump fluids in excess of 200°F, and operate dry without causing any pump damage.


Model D35 Hydra Cell Pro pump repair kits

The only pump components exposed to the process fluid are the elastomers and check valves; the D35 Hydra-Cell Pro pump has ten check valves to control the flow amongst its' five pumping chambers.  With the possible exception of PTFE material, the elastomers are not considered to be a wear item; they are only damaged when the pump is over-pressurized or when the fluid pumped is incompatible with the elastomer.  The check valves will typically last about 1 year of continuous operation, which is approximately 8,760 hours.  Check valve wear is not "sudden", it is a gradual process based upon decreased efficiency, thus the flow rate or pressure (whichever you are monitoring) will become rougher and you will know its time to replace the check valves.

D35 hydra cell pump check valves

If your fluid is aggressive or abrasive the frequency of check valve replacement might be closer to 6-9 months.  When pumping concentrated limestone slurry continuously for FGD applications our customers typically replace their check valves every 8-9 months.  As you can see from the following list, we offer several material options for the check valve assemblies.

D35 hydra cell pump repair kit

Check valve replacement requires about 2 hours and can be accomplished "in field" without the need for special tools.  Their cost is significantly less expensive than mechanical seals and there's no need to send pumps out for repair.  You can input a Hydra Cell Pro pump part number (refer to the last page of the Hydra-Cell Pro model D25 Catalog File) into our Hydra Cell repair kit part numbering and costing tool to determine repair kit cost; here's an example for a replacement kit for a pump having ceramic check valve assemblies:

D35K52TCCEM repair kit pricing

You will note we offer three kits and usually only the valve kit is required, however many customers prefer to purchase the complete kit (combination of valve and diaphragm kits) because they figure once they have the pump head off, they might as well replace everything.  With the example above perhaps our spray drying customer would require (2) kits annually totaling $6,078.  Compare that to replacement of mechanical seals or subsequent pump damage or fugitive emissions due to leakage from damaged seals.


We can supply model D35 Hydra Cell Pro pumps mounted to motors with baseplates in both direct drive and belt drive configurations.

D35 Hydra Cell Pump skid

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