Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model D10 Pumps

Flow rates from 0.80 to 8 GPM at pressures from 50 to 1500 PSI
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D10 Hydra-Cell Pump with threaded portsThe Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model D10 pump is a powerful positive displacement pump capable of flow rates from 0.80 to 8 GPM at pressures up to 1,500 PSI.  The model D10 Hydra Cell Pro pump was the design Wanner was founded on over 40 years ago and there still isn't anything like it anywhere else in the world.  Hydra Cell Pro pumps are depended upon for continuous reliability and non-leaking performance for applications as critical as first and second pass reverse osmosis and payload tube drainage for US Navy Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarines to  everyday pumping of reclaimed water at car washes.  Sometimes they are used for higher pressures applications, but often it is due to their inherent ability to pump abrasive or corrosive fluids with unmatched reliably and zero chance of fugitive emissions.


D10 Hydra-Cell Pump with flanged portsTo the right is a picture of a Hydra Cell Pro model D10 pump supplied to a Refinery in NJ for a difficult, continuous duty application.  Interestingly enough, one of the toughest aspects of this application was the occasional need to be able to operate dry.  Pumps that are dependent upon the fluid pumped for cooling and lubrication are damaged quickly during cavitation and running dry instances.  Hydra Cell Pro model D10 pumps can operate dry and even under a closed inlet - without causing damage.


Since Hydra-Cell Pro pumps have a steady state accuracy of ±1% with a repeatability and linearity to 3% or better, they are often used as a high capacity metering pumps.  D10 Hydra Cell pumps combine high volumetric efficiencies  with a huge selection of metallic and non-metallic materials of construction to enable us to meter slurries, acids and critical additives with superior reliability.


We can provide Hydra Cell Pro model D10 pumps in a belt-drive or direct drive configuration as pictured below. When direct driving a Hydra Cell Pro model D10 pump and using a VFD you will have a 10:1 flow turndown capability.

D10 hydra cell pump system

Do you have pumps that are constantly being repaired?  What are repairs, spares, down time and inefficiency costing your company?  Are you using progressing cavity, gear, piston or plunger pumps?  If you are, you may be able to significantly add to your bottom line by increasing reliability and virtually eliminating spare parts orders.


Hydra Cell Pro model D10 pump repair kits 

The only components in contact with the pumped fluid are the diaphragms, o-rings and check valve assemblies.  While the diaphragms and o-rings really do not have a "wear life" unless there is chemical attack or damage due to over-pressurization, the check valves will eventually wear and require replacement.  The check valves are easily replaced without special tools and often you can swap them out without removing the pump from the production area.


Once the perimeter bolts are removed from the pump head, the check valves can be inspected and replaced.  After some experience you can certainly expect to swap check valves within 1½ to 2 hours.


Expect Hydra Cell Pro  check valves to last 12+ months of continuous operation for applications involving relatively clear fluids and perhaps only as long as 6-8 months for abrasive applications such toll drying ceramic slurries, TIO2 and aluminum oxide.  We offer check valves made of ceramic and tungsten carbide for abrasive applications or to extend the duration of check valve wear beyond the typical 8760+ hrs.   Our repair kit numbering and pricing tool will generate kit part numbers and pricing based upon the pump part number input.


D10 hydra cell pump repair kit

Please send us an inquiry describing your pump application and we will reply promptly, usually the same day; feel free to call us for immediate consultation with an applications engineer.


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