High-Performance Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model H25 Hydra-Cell Pumps:
Versatile Applications, Unparalleled Reliability

Flow rates from 2 to 20 GPM at pressures from 50 to 1000 PSI
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H25 Hydra-Cell Pump

Experience the Versatility and Reliability of H25 Hydra-Cell Pumps

Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® Pro model H25 pumps offer an impressive flow range of 2 to 20 GPM coupled with pressures spanning from 50 to 1000 PSI. Available with either alloy or non-alloy pump ends, these pumps cater to diverse industries. In paper mills, they're pivotal for trim squirt applications, while power generation facilities benefit from their sealless design for reagent injection systems; some of the world's largest breweries trust model H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps for blasting beer kegs clean before refilling.


H25 Hydra-Cell Pump with 316SS ANSI flanged connectionsDespite their ability for higher pressures, H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps are frequently operated at lower pressures due to their sealless design, such as etching printed circuit boards with ferric chloride.  Unlike other pump designs with components susceptible to wear, our sealless design minimizes maintenance concerns. H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps excel in handling abrasive, hazardous, or extreme temperature fluids, avoiding consequential damages and fugitive emissions, thus setting them apart in reliability and cost-efficiency. Other positive displacement pump designs have cups, packing or mechanical seals separating the rotary components from the fluid end components and these eventually wear and need to be replaced.  H25 Hydra Cell pumps have no sliding or rotating parts exposed to the pumped fluid; they are not dependent upon the fluid being pumped for lubrication or cooling.  H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps are undamaged operated dry or with a reduced/closed inlet condition.  About the only way you can damage an H25 Hydra Cell Pro pump is by operating it beyond its maximum pressure rating or pumping a fluid incompatible with the materials used in the pump head.  The H25 Hydra Cell Pro pump sealless design significantly enhances reliability and reduces costs from both reduced downtime and spare parts cost perspectives. 


H25 Hydra-Cell Pump belt driven with motor and baseplateH25 high pressure coolant pump systemThe exceptional volumetric efficiency of H25 Hydra Cell Pro pump meets API 675 metering pump standards, ensuring linearity, steady-state accuracy, and repeatability. Their gentle pumping motion is ideal for shear-sensitive fluids like liquid latex, while their capability to handle viscosities over 5000 SSU extends to metering wax and resin in chipboard manufacturing. Whether you require the bare shaft pump or a complete pump and motor skid, our products, along with most components, are proudly manufactured in the USA!


H25 Hydra Cell pump repair kit contentsH25 Hydra Cell Pro Pump Repair Kits

There are three types of repair kits for H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps: valve kits, diaphragm kits and "complete fluid end kits", with the latter being a combination of both a diaphragm and valve kit.


The expected wear life for the check valve assemblies within H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps is over 1 year of continuous operation, so 8760+ hours and that would be based on a fluid containing few particulates, such as "industrial water".  Slurries and other fluids which are either corrosive or abrasive might require check valve replacements as frequently as every 4,000 to 6,000 hours of service.  Check valve wear can be reduced by choosing materials that are more resistant to erosion and corrosion. 


Diaphragms and o-rings are not considered to have a "wear life"; they have been tested for over 20,000 hours of continual use without any indication of wear.  They can be damaged when the pump is over pressurized and if the fluid is incompatible with the available elastomers.  PTFE diaphragms are the one exception to the "unlimited" wear life for diaphragms because its design consists of a stiff layer of PTFE bonded to an FKM substrate and thus PTFE diaphragms should be replaced annually. 


You can forecast spares cost and compare it to your existing pumps by inputting a pump part number into our Wanner™ repair kit pricing tool.  Use the H25 Hydra Cell Pro pump specification pages to generate a part number (last page of the PDF file below) and then input that part number into the kit part numbering program and you 'll see each each kit and its cost.

H25 Hydra Cell Pump D25K52GHFEC repair kit pricing


The only other maintenance requirement for H25 Hydra Cell Pro pumps is periodic oil changes as outlined within the IOM manual; typically every 4,000 - 6,000 of use depending upon pump shaft RPM and discharge pressure.  An oil change is straight-forward, drain it when the pump is off and re-fill with commercially available  30 or 40 weight synthetic oil unless your pump has a specialized oil for food or chemical compatibility - in such cases you can order that oil from us.


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